The Little Giants Bible Club

  • Little Giants Club

In areas where the only church offered to children is on an adult level and Sunday School is non-existent, there is an urgent need for children to experience God on their level. Our goal through the Little Giants Bible Clubs is to teach Biblical truths in a way the children understand and enjoy. Through puppets, skits, games, songs and dynamic teachings the children in rural Guatemala are learning who God is and what He has planned for them. What a rewarding experience to watch these children grow in their relationship with the Lord.

At regular intervals birthdays are celebrated and children are given a birthday bag full of goodies such as: shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, socks, and underwear. Celebrating birthdays means a lot to these underprivileged children. They know that birthday parties exist. They know that birthday cakes exist. They know that birthday presents exits. BUT they also know that these things DON’T exist for them. MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN A CHILD’S LIFE AND SPONSOR A BIRTHDAY BAG FOR ONLY $10.

Public and Private Institutions

  • Youth Group

Our outreach team regularly goes into public and private schools, orphanages, and other government institutions to preach the gospel and teach Biblical morals and values. Presenting Bible truths in a way that even non-Christians can grasp, we are sowing seeds of righteousness and establishing relationships that will allow us to continue to minister to these young people for years to come. As many give their lives to the Lord we are able to follow-up and help them begin their walk with the Lord.

ABA Feeding Center

  • Public and Private Institutions

CCJ is touching lives, changing families, and impacting the community of San Josè Pinula.  However, in this small town many single mothers struggle to put a meal on a table and many small children suffer the effects of malnutrition.  The goal of the ABA Feeding Center is to meet a physical need of the area demonstrating Christ’s compassion in a real and tangible way.

A volunteer nutritionist monitors the progress of program participants. 

Now, with two locations, we are reaching two communities and already seeing very encouraging results.

Be a part of changing the future of a family by sponsoring a child for just $5/month.

Contact us for more information.

Youth Group

  • Literacy Outreach

Before we Knew it, our “Little Giants” were no longer little. Despite their age many of the young people had a hunger for God that refused to let them leave us. Thus, a youth program was born! The youth group began formally in 2014 and has continued to grow and evolve ever since. Our team began by separating the youth from the kids and doing lessons tailored for their age. Now we have dedicated youth leaders and youth events. More importantly we are involving the youth in serving God and impacting their community for Christ. It is thrilling to see the enthusiasm for Jesus that these young people have!