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I understand that my participation with CrossCulture Jesus is completely voluntary with no remuneration of any type. I will be responsible for my personal expenses at all times. I understand that my volunteer service in this ministry is solely to promote the vision of CCJ and not to promote my own agenda. I will participate in the programs that CCJ sponsors and submit to the appropriate authority at all times. I understand that during my term I am a representative not only of CCJ but also of Jesus Christ and I commit to abstain from smoking, alcohol, coarse language (cursing, harsh words, dirty jokes, etc.), and non-Christian music at all times. In an attempt to maintain a pure testimony, I will not participate in gossip, backbiting, jealous envies, or engage in a romantic relationship during my service. I will commit to regularly attending a local church to keep myself spiritually fed.

I understand that if I do not comply with the rules and regulations of CrossCulture Jesus or if I act in a way that is unseemly for a follower of Christ I run the risk of being sent home at my own expense.

I understand that my service with CrossCulture Jesus is completely voluntary and at my own risk. I will not hold CrossCulture Jesus responsible for any harm to my person or belongings that could occur during my service. Should I need medical or legal aid during my service I am willing to cover these costs at my own expense.

I accept the terms  Yes No